Puppy Separation Anxiety

They can be so cute when they are puppies!

Dog Separation anxiety is a serious problem.  This website is dedicated to helping you solve your dog separation anxiety issues.

My first dog is a border collie cross named Scout that I got from a shelter. She developed separation anxiety when she was just six months old. She was abandoned in a school yard at 4 weeks, and spent the next 5 weeks of her life at a shelter. I got her when he was 9 weeks old and he was a handful for the first couple weeks, but quickly became an excellent companion except I COULDN’T leave her alone!!!

I was living in an apartment at the time. If she didn’t stop barking, I was going to have to give her back to the shelter. This was NOT an option for me. I took another option. I learned every single thing I could about dog behavior and separation anxiety…..There is some very good advice out there, but a lot just doesn’t work. Scout was my test dog, poor girl! It took us about 2 months to completely cure her anxiety, but I did some follow up with her as part of normal training to make sure it stayed away. I was so excited to see the improvement in my dog, I had to take it to the next level and worked with friends and family to help out with their dogs.

Dog Separation Anxiety Destruction

Until You Come Home to This!

I have nearly a 100% success rate with the dogs I have taken in. Some of them have improved almost immediately, others have taken a little longer. Every dog is different, and every case is different. You have just as much work to do as your dog!

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  • What Causes Dog Separation Anxiety?   There are many different causes of Dog Separation Anxiety.    A dogs history can help to determine the reason and likelihood that they will have problems.  Some dogs seem to develop separation anxiety for no reason at all.
  • What Are Dog Separation Anxiety Symptoms?  There are a large number of symptoms.   Some dogs are only mildy agitated or depressed when their owners leave, others will break through a screen doors, jump from second story windows, and break their teeth on crates just to get to their owners.  How bad is your dog?
  • How To Cure Dog Separation Anxiety. Curing your dog requires knowledge, a solid plan, and a little bit of time each day.   I have created an extensive guide and training program to help your puppy or dog overcome their separation anxiety quickly and effectively.

I hope you find this site helpful.