One of the most common behavioral problems in dogs is Separation anxiety.    All dogs display separation anxiety differently. This article describes 3 of the most common separation anxiety symptoms, and what to look for in your dog. Separation Anxiety can be a serious issue. Many dogs in shelters were send their due to their behavioral issues.

Excessive Vocalization:

Excessive barking is seen in dogs with moderate separation anxiety. Typically, your dogs will be anxious before you leave.  As the dogs anxiety increases, they will whine, bark, and yelp. Your dogs barks sometimes become high-pitched yelps.   They are truly in a panic because they think that you are not coming back and need to be with you.

Digging, Scratching, Chewing:

The next level of separation anxiety is when a dog moves beyond barking and starts get physical. This type of scratching chewing and digging is an attempt to escape from the confines of the room, house, or yard so that they can find you.   I call this “barrier anxiety”.  Some dogs will be so anxious and compulsive that they will injure themselves by breaking through glass, tearing down walls, and otherwise injure you or your property to get to you.

Over Excitement:

When you get home, watch your dogs behavior.  Look for actions like jumping up on you, licking you, and greeting you excessively.   Excessive and prolonged greetings are a common symptom of separation anxiety in dogs.    The greeting is not normal and calm, it is frantic and uncontrolled. Your dog thought you would never return, so they are not just saying ‘Hi’, they are thrilled to be reunited with you..

Not all dogs display these behaviors, some display mild symptoms such as whining, others will destroy a room that they are left in until you return. Separation anxiety is a serious condition and robs both you and your dog of a healthy relationship.

When dog separation anxiety is left untreated, it can develop into a serious, destructive and expensive problem. To see a complete list of []dog separation anxiety symptoms, visit []

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