Dog Barking – Dog Separation Anxiety

Most owners are caught off guard when their neighbors complain about their dogs barking up a storm, because the dog never barks excessively when they are home. If your puppy or dog barks while you are gone, you have a major problem on your hands especially if you live in a apartment or townhouse. Dog barking is a common complaint for by-law officers and landlords.   Luckily, there is something you can do about it!

The main reason dogs bark when they are left alone is separation anxiety. Your dog thinks that you have gone for good, and that you aren’t going to come back.   Most dogs start out by whining, then after a few minutes start to bark.  Some dogs bark constantly, others bark for a certain period of time after you have left.   These are typically high pitched panicked barks.   They are trying to call you back.   If your dog is very thirsty, but has water in their bowl, they may have been barking the entire time you were gone.    You can video or tape your dog to find out.

Sometimes the barking will go on for a hours and hours.   This happens because the dog gets more stressed out and panicked by the act of barking.   It becomes a cycle of barking, then stress, then more barking due to stress. Each time the dog is left alone to bark, this cycle repeats itself until it becomes their normal bad behavior.   You will want to work on calming your dog immediately.  The longer you wait, the more this behavior becomes imprinted and harder to change later.

The hardest part about solving this type of barking problem is that you aren’t there to correct them, so typical obedience training doesn’t work. The easiest and fastest way to solve the barking issues  is through behavior modification. Behavior modification can be used to change the way your dog behaves while you are away and quit barking!

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