Are you sick of coming home to find your lawn ruined, and you dog missing? Dogs dig for a number of reasons. If your dog digs while you are away, they may be digging due to dog separation anxiety. Dog separation anxiety is a very common problem. Symptoms include digging, barking, excessive drooling, and nervousness. Some dogs will dig even at the carpet inside the house. In order to stop your dog from digging under the fence, you first have to learn why they are digging in the first place.

Dog Separation Anxiety and Digging

Your dog digs under the fence because they are in a panic and trying to reunite with you. Dogs are pack animals and rely on you for everything. Dogs with separation anxiety become extremely nervous and panicked when you leave. They will dig frantically through soil, doors, and flooring in an attempt to escape the confined space and search for you. This is also called barrier anxiety. If your dog only digs while you are away, it is highly likely they are digging due to separation anxiety. Look for other symptoms like changes in behavior when you are about to leave, barking while you are gone, and over excitement when you come home.

Stop Digging Under The Fence

There are a number of ways to stop the digging. One technique is to bury chain link fence, or some other material in the ground where the dog digs. This may stop some dogs from digging in that area, but they will soon move on to another space. Dogs with separation anxiety are in a compulsive, panicked state when they dig, and are more likely to injure themselves trying to get through the buried material than to give up digging in that spot. The secret to stopping dogs from digging while you are away is to use behavior modification training to remove the anxiety the feel while you are gone. They will no longer panic, and no longer dig.