Canine Separation Anxiety and Crating Your Dog

I highly recommend that all dog owners crate their dogs. Some people believe that crating your dog is cruel.This is totally wrong. Dogs have a den instinct and a crate is a great way to give them a den where they can go to sleep and feel safe. By nature, a dog in its den will be calm and settled. I highly recommend crating your dog with separation anxiety.

There are a couple of added benefits to crating your dog separation anxiety. The first thing that crating your dog gives you is peace of mind while you are gone.An appropriate sized crate is one where the dog can lay sideways and stand in.You dogs collar should be removed before you put them in their crate.Collars can get stuck in Vari-Kennel and wire crates. Unfortunately, dogs have died from this.

If your dog has destroyed furniture or caused damage in your home, this is the best and most simple way to ensure that this no longer happens is to crate you dog while you are away.Bitter Apple from the pet shop can be used to coat the spots in the crate your dog chews.Some dogs are escape artists. If your dog can escape from their crate, get a strong crate. Some people need to buy aluminum crates to hold their dogs.

Another great thing about keeping your dog in a crate is it is less likely to go to the bathroom at home. Dogs will do anything they can to avoid soiling their den.Crating your dog is a great way to avoid accidents in the home or minimize the damage to the crate alone.

Most dogs accept crates quickly and learn to love them! You dogs crate is i’s home – provide them one for their whole life. You can always remove the door once your puppy has grown up and can be trusted. Of course, if your dog has separation anxiety, you’ll want to keep that door on!

Dog separation anxiety can be become a major, expensive problem when left untreated. If you want to learn more about curing dog separation anxiety click here