Puppy separation anxiety is a serious condition that should not be ignored. It requires either a behavioral modification program or the usage of medication and behavior modification depending on the severity of the disorder. The length of time it takes to cure puppy separation anxiety varies. Largely, the effect and duration of the cure depends on the severity of the puppy’s anxiety.

Severe disorders require a combination of different methods to cure your puppy. In case the pet has a serious case of anxiety, find a vet to give you an antidepressant medication. Mild disorders however, can be cured through a simple behavioral training. Most times the mild cases can be cured in weeks, but left on their own, can become far worse and take longer to fix.

The usage of behavioral modification as well as prescribed medication can be used to minimize symptoms and speed up your progress. Medication alone will not solve your dog separation anxiety issues. You absolutely must combine behavioral and desensitization training to solve your dogs anxiety. Failing to train your dog will not resolve the underlying issues, and will force you to keep your dog on medication for prolonged periods of time.

The program you choose also determines the time you might use to cure the puppy from the anxiety. Curing separation anxiety in your puppy might also involve enrolling them in daycare program or leaving the pet with a sitter or a friend until they improve enough to be left alone. This is to avoid anxious episodes, so that your dog can’t teach itself to panic when you leave. The more often your dog has an anxious episode, the more likely they are to have one the next time you leave.

One of the hardest parts of your dog barking constantly while you away is that you can’t be there to correct your dog, so typical obedience training doesn’t work. The best way to solve your dogs separation anxiety barking problem is through behavior modification training and sometimes dog separation anxiety medication. Medication can be used to reduce and eliminate the anxiety your dog feels while you are away.