There is a tendency of assuming that dogs can easily be left at home alone without any psychological trauma. However, dogs experience separation anxiety. When left alone, they can be traumatized especially when they get stressed by their owners departure. This often ends up in destructive behaviour. Here are some tips you can use to cure dog separation anxiety.

Socialization is one great way of approaching this malady. Dogs can be termed as pack animals and they are generally social by nature. This is why they need to get closer to the owner all the time and it is through this that they feel secure. When your dog experiences separation anxiety, you need to change the way you handle it. Take some time with it and train it as you play around.

You can use herbal formulas to cure dog separation anxiety. There are some good herbal formulas available in the market. The supplements are made of ingredients for example ginger, valerian root, passion, chamomile and natural flowers. However, if you are a non-professional who cannot understand the way the supplements work, it is important to seek the help of a veterinarian. Basically the kind of expertise handling this requires demands the availability of a trained and qualified handler who will be able to understand and better give the better combination that will yield the desired results. He is best able to analyse the type of separation anxiety your dog is going through and from this, he can prescribe the best herbal supplement to use.

Exercise and behaviour modification can also be used to cure dog separation anxiety. Rigorous exercise done on a regular basis will help your dog’s physically and mentally. When you plan to change the behaviour, you have to be very careful and methodical. For instance, it would be wise to avoid shouting at the dog. Harsh shouting makes the dog confused, stressed and anxious. Rather, train it well by adopting some popular call up sounds for instance whistling or a using a bell.

Behaviour is sometimes changed by what you feed your dog. There are dog diets that cause anxiety. These diets have chemical preservatives that react in a negative way in the dog’s system and therefore causing anxiety. It is through proper diet that you can cure such conditions. Make sure that when you wrongly feed the dog, you have the remedies to counter the diet’s reactions.

To effectively cure dog separation anxiety, always ensure that you handle the dog professionally. Never punish a dog because of some reactions they develop out of separation anxiety. This adds more harm because the dog feels unappreciated. It also adds more stress instead of being a remedy. If that is done, the dog responds by adopting a mischievous behaviour, which is difficult to change or cure once it sets in.