3 Pillars for Curing Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs is extremely common. If you have a dog that has symptoms, such as constant barking, destruction of furniture, or shaking, you need to help your dog as soon as possible. If you don’t treat your dog, the symptoms will just get worse!

Here are the 3 pillars to successfully treat your dog:

1) Be The Alpha Dog

Pack leadership the most important thing in your relationship with your dog. If your dog thinks that they are the leader, they aren’t just worried about their own welfare, they are worried about you too. If you have a dog with separation anxiety, you will need to set some new ground rules for the sake of your relationship. For example, if your dog expects to be pet, make them sit first. If they don’t sit, ignore them. They need to understand that they work for you.

2) Behavior Training

Behavior Modification training is used to replace the bad, anxious behavior, with calm appropriate behavior, or no behavior at all. One example, if your dog gets anxious when you put on your coat, you need to put on your coat more often when you aren’t getting ready to leave. This way, your dog won’t associate your change of clothing with you leaving. Keeping your dog relaxed before you leave is one of the keys to having an anxiety free pet.

3) Distracting Toys, Natural Remedies and Medication

For dogs with serious separation anxiety, you can make a trip to the vet and get medication. One of the most common medications is Clomicalm. Chlomicalm isn’t magic, and it takes a couple of weeks of daily doses before you see results in your dog. It must to be combined with strong pack leadership and behavior modification to solve the underlying issues. For less severe separation anxiety, natural remedies can help keep your dog in a calm mental state, and speed up the training process.

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