Wondering why your dog is constantly everything in your house? Tired of replacing things your dog has destroyed? This article will describe why the dog you once perceived to be your best friend has made you loath it by chewing up on things.

It is commom see people return their dogs to the pet shops, shelters or abandoning them because of one too many chewing incidents.

Dogs try to communicate with human beings by displaying signs which at many times are misinterpreted if care and time is not taken to learn what they are saying. When dogs are stressed they relieve their stress either by barking, whining, growling or frantically scratching the wall, carpet, doors and chewing the carpet among other things.

In many cases such dogs suffer from separation anxiety syndrome. This is a very common disorder which is emanated in form of intensive panic because the dogs have been left alone in the house by their owners.

Dogs also chew out of curiosity. Puppies are very curious and eager to learn from everything and about everything they come across. Therefore, will fumble and chew on things to satisfy their curiosity. Dogs also find pleasure in chewing things especially those made from rubber and expansible plastic.

Apart from enjoying and finding pleasure in chewing stuff, dogs also find chewing a time passing self-rewarding and reassuring activity. It has been proved that some dogs are overly energized and will thus result to chewing stuff if they are under exercised. Therefore, it is important to ensure your dog gets the required exercise period. Take your dog for walks and play intensive games such as fetching the ball and Frisbee.

Canines also chew on things when they become jealous. This is especially depicted when the dog owner or family divert their attention to something else. For instance the arrival of a new baby requires constant attention from the family members. This fact will make them spend less time with the dog. Thus the dog starts to feel neglected, undeserved and ignored. It will therefore, constantly chew things to release its distress.

It is important to dog proof your home, spend more time with your dog and reward the dog for chewing the right things. Lastly insert treats inside toys to preoccupy the dogs mind and time as it tries to reach for the treats