Crating is a great way to minimize the chance of your dog injuring themselves or destroying your home during an episode of separation anxiety.  I highly recommend that all dog owners crate their dogs.  Despite what some people think, crating is not cruel.    This couldn’t be farther from the truth.   Dogs have a den instinct.   A dog crate is your dogs den.   By nature, a dog in its den will be calm and settled.

There are a number of benefits to crating your canine.  The first thing that crating your dog gives you is peace of mind while you are gone.  As long as you make sure the crate is big enough for them to stand up and lay down sideways, they will be comfortable.   Always take your dogs collar off before you crate them.  Collars can get stuck in both wire and Vari-Kennel crates.   Unfortunately, dogs have died from this.

If your dog has chewed furniture, or caused household damage, this quickest and easiest way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to crate your dog while you are away.   If you have dog that chews their crate, you can coat those spots in bitter apple, or hot pepper sauce.    If you have a dog that can break out of their crate, you simply need a stronger crate.   Some people need to buy aluminum crates to hold their dogs.

Another benefit of crating your dog is that they are less likely to have accidents in the house. A dog will do its best not to soil its den.  If your dog has severe separation anxiety, and has accidents in the house, a crate is a great way to avoid these accidents in the first place, or at least minimize the damage and clean up to just the crate.

Most dogs accept crates quickly and learn to love them! I recommend providing a crate for your dog for it’s lifetime. You can always remove the door once your puppy has grown up and can be trusted. Of course, if your dog has separation anxiety, you’ll want to keep that door on!

Dog separation anxiety can be become a major, expensive problem when left untreated.  If you want to learn more about dog separation anxiety and how to cure it, click here.