Dogs are social, pack animals in nature and therefore desire to spend their time with their human pack mates. However, they develop separation anxiety when separated from the company of human beings for long periods of time. Dog separation anxiety is the build of intensive fear because of being left alone by their owners. Dog separation anxiety can be depicted in many ways. One of the most common symptoms is constant barking and whining while you are away. This article discusses dog barking problems and solutions for you.

Extensive dog barking can be a major pain especially when neighbors start to complain. Barking noise can be very annoying and tiresome especially if one is trying to sleep or concentrate on something important. This can in turn fray and strain your relationships with your neighbors. A dog that constantly barks is usually expressing their fears, panic and loneliness, also known as separation anxiety.

The following dog barking solutions can be implemented:

  • Put your home phone on speaker phone, and call your cell. Listen for your dog barking. Correct your dog when you hear barking.
  • Designate sometime from your busy schedule to walk the dog, exercise it or play with it before you leave. Try to keep a consistent routine. This will help the dog by preparing it for alone time every day.
  • A citronella or static shock collar can be used. I highly recommend the use of a static shock collar. Because you can’t be there to correct your dog when they are barking, this is an excellent solution.