All domesticated animals display behavior similar to their wild counterparts. However, many are the times when these behaviors become disgusting, destructive or annoying. For instance domesticated dogs have a tendency of scratching on the carpet. In order to stop your dog from scratching on the carpet, you need to understand why there are scratching to begin with.

Time to Lay Down

Dogs being pack members will first scratch the ground or carpet that they are supposed to lie on. By doing so the dogs’ ascertain that they are satisfied and contented with their sleeping places. This explains why they will return to the same sleeping spot the next day. However, this may not always be the case. Dogs aggressively scratch on carpets in an attempt of relieving off their stress or separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs develop separation anxiety when deprived human affection and company. They develop intensive panic which is depicted by excessive barking, howling and whining or adoption of destructive behavior like chewing furniture and aggressively scratching the carpet.

Dog owners that suffer from this behavioral problem often wonder how they can stop their dogs from scratching the carpet or acting out with other destructive psychological behavior. Although one can simply train the dog to accept and learn being left alone in the house many dog owners fail to do so because of lack of behavior training experience or separation anxiety syndrome knowledge.

Exercise Helps

You can help your dog to stop scratching the carpet by spending more time exercising it. Create a schedule that comprises your working time and free time that can be spend with the dog either by walking it, exercising it or playing with it. Helping the dog to adapt to this schedule will make it understand you need to go to work and thus will not panic when left in the house alone.

Use a Crate

You can also stop your dog from scratching the carpet by training it to use its crate or kennel. Help the dog to perceive its kennel as a safe and comfortable place to be. Feed the dog in the kennel and place toys for the dog to play with, inside the kennel or near the kennel in an attempt of making it spend more time within the kennel. The dog will adore its kennel and hence will not panic when left inside it. Dogs naturally feel safe in their den. By locking your dog in their den when you can’t supervise them, you can guarantee that they won’t scratch the carpet.

One of the hardest parts of your dog scratching the carpet while you away is that you can’t be there to correct your dog, so typical obedience training doesn’t work. The best way to solve your dogs separation anxiety barking problem is through behavior modification training. Behavior modification can be used to reduce and eliminate the anxiety your dog feels while you are away.