Canine separation anxiety is among the most prevalent behavioral problems in dogs. Dogs are social. If they haven’t adjusted to being left alone they can be nervous. Modern science has stepped in to address this problem with a number of different medications to calm dogs and lessen their symptoms. These anti-anxiety medications, such as chlomicalm, adjust your dogs brain chemistry by blocking some chemical receptors that cause anxiety.

You will need to visit your vet in order to get anti-anxiety medication for you dog. Your doctor do a blood test. They will check your dog for issues like mange.

When you first give you dog anti-anxiety medication, it can take a while before the you notice a change in your dogs symptoms. Most dogs will respond to anti-anxiety medication within a couple of weeks. Medicating your dog will not solve their behavioral problem, it will only lessen the symptoms. If you take your dog off the medication, their behavior will return to the way it was before their prescription.

Anti-anxiety medication is a useful tool for overcoming canine separation anxiety. If your dog injures themselves, chews your furniture, or pees or poos inside, while you are away, speak to your veterinarian. Just remember its not a cure-all. You can use it to lessen your dogs symptoms so that they will be calm enough to respond to behavior modification training. The ultimate result should be to get rid of you dogs anxiety, then quit using the drugs. It gets super expensive!

A good way to beat dog separation anxiety is to use behavior modification training and medication together. Behavior modification will teach your dog to stay calm as you leave, and while you are away.

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