Do you hear your dog whining as soon as you shut the door? Can’t leave your dog at home?  Dog whining is a common problem. You are not alone.  Many dogs whine when their owners leave them in their homes, cars, or tied up outside.  Whining is a one of the most common symptoms of stress and nervousness in dogs with separation anxiety.

Dog Separation Anxiety And Whining

Separation anxiety is happens to dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Barking, damaging your house, and nervous behavior are all symptoms as well.  Whining is a minor symptom, but when dog separation anxiety is not treated, symptoms can progress into more destructive behavior.  Some dogs become so frantic that they will run through glass doors, cut their feet from digging, and jump out of windows.

In order to stop your dog from whining while you are gone, you can practice leaving and coming home with your dog.  Start by putting on your shoes, grabbing your keys, and heading for the door.  Instead of going outside, turn around and come right back inside.  Do this frequently throughout the day. It may sound strange, but you need to desensitize your dog to the actions that you take before you leave. Once your dog no longer reacts to signs that you are leaving, you can start to leave for a minute or two at a time.  Gradually increase the amount of time that you are gone until you can leave for an hour, and finally for a few hours.