Hyper attachment is the need to be close to somebody at all times. This also happens to dogs as they desire to be near the vicinity of their owners. They follow them from room to room and display sadness and dissatisfaction if they detect that their owners are about to leave them. In most occasions hyper attached dogs emanate separation anxiety syndrome when they are left alone in the house by their owners.

Dogs are social animals that desire to be in human company at all times. Dogs in nature are pack animals and thus desire to spend and undertake any activity with their pack mates. Beings man’s best friend, dogs perceive human beings as their pack mates. They therefore develop fondness towards humans which may become dangerous both to the psychology of the dog and the owner. This article will therefore discuss various aspects that create hyper attachment between you and your dog, its effects and how it can be overcome.

Dog separation anxiety syndrome is the behavior of dogs’ portraying intensive panic and psychological fear signs when left alone in the house or home compound by their owners. Dog separation anxiety syndrome is either emanated through constant barking, whining and growling. Increased levels of this panic makes the dog to result to more drastic measures such as destroying everything it comes across by chewing, scratching or tearing. For example if locked in a room the dog may result to chewing and scratching the furniture inside that room.

Hyper attachment between you and your dog can be created by constantly cuddling the dog and giving it excessive affection even when leaving the house and after returning. This attachment can also be developed if the owner does not create some separation time between him and the dog when within the house. Much still the owner rarely trains its dog to positively respond to the action of opening and closing the door. Thus any time the dog owner opens or closes the door the dog is always behind him.

Although it is adorable and enjoyable, this kind of attachment can ruin the relationship between the dog owner and the dog. Also the separation anxiety syndrome that the dog emanates when left alone can make the dog to mutilate itself while trying to find escape routes. For instance it may cut itself with pieces of glass while escaping through the window. The relationship between the dog owner and his neighbors may become sour because the constant barking or whining of your dog creates nagging noise that may interrupt their usual activities such as taking a day time nap.

Therefore, to effectively reduce the hyper attachment between you and your dog it is essential to train the dog to spend long hours alone. This can be achieved by making the dog believe that its kennel or crate is a safe haven or introducing separation moments between you and your dog. Stay away from your dog for a period of 5 minutes then gradually increase the time lapse for the separation. This will eventually help your dog to control its anxiety when left alone.