Loneliness has been associated with psychological stress. Spending a lot of time alone can be uncomfortable and distressing. Dogs also develop intense panic. Dogs are social animals that desire to be in the company of human beings whom they consider to be their pack members. Thus, when left alone in the house for long hours by their owners they display signs of psychological fear, a disorder commonly known as separation anxiety. This article will discuss a few steps on how to deal with puppy separation anxiety in an attempt of helping dog lovers cope with this common paranoia.

In most occasions puppies whine and bark when left alone in the house. They also become messy as they destroy anything in their way for instance furniture, shoes, clothes, makeup accessories, carpet and cardboard doors among others. The first step in ensuring your puppy does not suffer from separation anxiety is making sure the puppy is well weaned. Leave the puppy under the protection custody of its mother for the first 8 weeks to enable it gain independent tactics and the motherly affection it deserves.

Puppies from shelters or pet shops may have experienced a traumatic life. Therefore, it is essential to show the puppy utmost affection for it to win your trust and loyalty. This can be achieved by creating a working, exercising and playing schedule from the first day you bring your puppy home. This will help him to get accustomed to periods that you are not around him. To further enhance this create short separation periods which should gradually be increased.

Another tactic of dealing with puppy separation anxiety is instructing him when you are about to leave. Ensure the puppy is surrounded by things such as toys that will destruct him for about 1 hr when he discovers you have gone. This will help him to calm down. It is also advisable to provide toys that will extensively tire him to the extent of making him fall asleep. However, do not provide toys to the puppy only when you are about to leave. These creatures are intelligent and with time will discover the provision of toys is only a set up for you to get away.

When dealing with puppy separation anxiety it is also important to remember that puppies cannot connect the destruction they have made in the house to scolding aimed at making them recognize their mistakes. This will only psychologically affect them more worsening their separation anxiety syndrome. Therefore, instead of being frantic and showing them you are angry. Train them to stop this behavior, for instance teach them to use their crates. This can be done by feeding them in the crate and regularly cleaning the crate. This will slowly lure the puppies to spent most of their time in the crate because they will perceive it to be safe. This will in turn tame their fears.