Several treatments for dog separation anxiety are applicable in a variety of situations. You have the choice to select the kind of cure that will work well on your dog depending on the severity of the anxiety. One such cure for the anxiety can be behavioral therapy. Another available alternative is the use of antidepressants. Such antidepressants should however be administered by a vet. Dog experts specifically advocate for the usage of the behavioral approach before you resort to medication.

Treatment for dog separation anxiety with behavioral modification should be your first approach. Make sure that you never make a big deal that you are either leaving or arriving. Try to be as casual as you can. Plan your exit the moment the dog is not interested in you. Another behavioral approach is giving your dog as much exercises as you can. Take them for a walk before you leave. Also, feed the dog prior to leaving since a dog that is hungry can be very anxious. You can also get another pet to offer the dog company. Just make sure they get along.

For some, aromatherapy has worked wonders for treating dog separation anxiety. It calms the dog perfectly, more so when you have placed calming scents like lavender within the dogs surrounding. If behavioral treatment for dog separation anxiety is not working, you can then comfortably incorporate medication. This approach to anxiety is perfected through the usage of non-sedative medications. The most holistic treatment for dog separation anxiety is the blending of medicines and behavioral approaches.

The usage of anti-anxiety medicine aids the dog to calm down and relax. In fact, these anti-anxiety drugs have become a crucial part in the treatment of anxiety in pet dogs. The available types are as many as there are dog vets. The most popular however are the clomipramine and amitriptyline pills.

The medication should be administered as prescribed by the vet. The prescription drugs are only for dogs having serious symptoms. Medication treatment for dog separation anxiety might take about two weeks so have patience. A side effect of the medications used in anxiety is seen as over-sedation. This includes the family of drugs in the benzodiazepine sphere such as valium. Drugs from Tri-cyclic antidepressants have a lesser sedative effect.

Clomipramine is effective especially with the augmentation of neurotransmitter actions of serotonin. Serotonin is found within the brain and is connected with feelings of happiness. The combination is a perfect control for obsessive compulsive behaviors as well as avoiding house soiling. Nonetheless, you need to be careful when using clomipramine medication as a cure for anxiety in dogs unless directed by the vet. After the intake of the drug, it takes a couple of weeks prior to any effect being manifested.