If your dog is howling and barking once you have left him alone, he might be having canine separation anxiety. The condition might be severe as to make your dog deteriorate in behavior. For you to solve canine separation anxiety, you have to be vigilant over your dog. Your dog definitely needs help, and may need medication.

Cases of separation anxiety are demonstrated by the dog’s panicky reactions once left alone, sometimes when taken to another part of your home. It shows the dog is emotionally imbalanced and you have to take some remedial steps. It is possible to solve canine separation anxiety that is triggering such panic in your dog. Besides contacting your vet, there are things you can do to initiate the course towards healing your dog holistically.

Here are a couple of steps to take. You can shield the dog from noting your arrivals and departures. You can also leave something for the dog to play with preferably one that contains herbal certain smells. Alternatively, you can train your dog to understand a phrase or word that you use always prior to leaving the dog. Use of repetitive words will aid your dog to associate them with departure as well as expecting you back. You can pretend that you are leaving and then come back for a couple of times and it will learn to expect you back.

Another way you can solve canine separation anxiety is through the use of anti-anxiety medication. Once you have used the medication it might take some time before you note any change in the symptoms of the dog. The response for most dogs comes after a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, you must know that using medication to curb anxiety only lessens the symptoms but hardly solves the behavioral problem. In case you abruptly stop the dog’s medication its behavior will go back to what it was, prior to the prescription.

The usage of anti-anxiety medication to solve canine separation anxiety is very crucial nonetheless. If you return home and find out that the dog has injured itself, chewed furniture, pooped or peed inside the house in your absence, it is your time to talk to the vet. You must remember that it is not an absolute cure though. The medication calms the dog so that it can be able to respond to training aimed at behavioral modification. The important thing should be ridding off the dog’s anxiety and then halting the expensive medication when training attains result.