One of the most common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs is destructive chewing. Many owners have come home to find their couches ruined, their carpets torn up, or their chairs legs chewed to bits by their anxious dog. The following are tips on how to stop your dog with separation anxiety from chewing your belongings.

1) Exercise

When your dog is well exercised, it is unlikely that they will be overly stressed. Let your pet exercise to their satisfaction and makes sure that they are well rested before you leave. To stop dog from chewing, the play fetch routine lets the dog stretch their haunches a bit. That, and every other muscle in their body. So you are guaranteed of your pet’s exercise and a busy mind that doesn’t have the time to dwell on anxiety. In any case, the dog being a creature of the ‘pack’ will require that you treat them as part of the family.

2) Provide safe Chew Toys

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. Taking issue with this activity will deprive the dog of an important activity. Trying to stop dog from chewing things around the house may be a futile exercise in any event. What you can do is provide safe chew toys for your dog. One of the best chew toys for dogs are frozen kongs.

3) Medication and Natural Remedies

There are many natural remedies and prescription medications available to treat dog separation anxiety. These included bach flower remedies, dog appeasing pheromone, and chlomicalm – a prescription anxiety medication for dogs.